Supply Chain Manager


Optimizes the organization, integration and effective management of all activities related to the procurement of all goods, services and sourced product with a goal of consistently achieving the best value which effectively balances function, price, availability, investment and quality while increasing the sales and throughput of the business.

Leads the material and information flow, and the management and control of inventory in achieving the business objectives.

Responsible for logistics and scheduling with specific focus on global trade compliance, delivery performance, cycle time reduction, total inventory management, and freight logistics.

Provide leadership for development and execution of world-class supply-chain processes.


Develop and implement an aggressive cost improvement program for purchased materials which results in significant sustained material price productivity while maintaining superior quality and availability.

Provide leadership and coordinate continual sourcing activity to ensure that the business is current on all relevant technological and market developments and is securing maximum return for each dollar spent.

In conjunction with engineering and quality, develop and pursue programs of supplier quality which assure use of highly reliable materials while continuously reducing related quality costs through increased use of supplier certification, statistical process control and other quality techniques.

Continuously enhance the effectiveness and professional stature of personnel through personal coaching, formal training, and strategic restructuring.

Establish and maintain a close working relationship with Emerson Sourcing and Supply Chain function.

Establish and maintain a close working relationship with Emerson Legal for review of contracts, license agreements and similar documents.

Additional Information

Don't Be Fooled

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